Create a mobile-first user flow for a responsive animal shelter website


Utah Animal Shelter (Conceptual)


UX Designer


2 Weeks

Tools USed

Adobe XD

The Challenge

2020 saw a spike in pet adoptions. As more people worked from home, many of them seeked companionship from animals. I’ve designed a web flow to easily meet and adopt a pet from an animal shelter. Users set up their profile and background information ahead of time for the shelter to approve. Users are able to view extensive information about the dog or cat’s behavior, personality and health and are even shown a video prior to scheduling a visit. The goal is to match humans to their new best friends.

Project Goals

  • Design a fully responsive website for an animal shelter
  • Design the user flow for a user to meet an animal
  • Figure out what design decisions lead to success in adopting an animal

My Approach

01 Research

02 Define

03 Ideate

04 Prototype

05 Testing

Next Steps
& Lessons Learned